La Miri teaches weekly classes and special workshops throughout Marin County. Master classes are available by request at schools, universities, art camps, social clubs and youth or women’s leadership programs. AZAFRÁN Flamenco also sponsors special workshops with international artists that have included with, Farruquito, Juan del Gastor, Carmela Greco and Concha Vargas.

“Miriam is an extraordinary teacher!” “She helped us all excel way beyond our expectations!”  “A real love and devotion to her art brings life to the class!”

La Miri teaching at Dance with Sherry Studio, San Rafael, CA.

Classes for Adults & Teens, Women & Men

Introduction to Flamenco
For the complete beginner or those needing to refresh the basics. Focus is on learning techniques of body stance, marking steps, footwork, arm and hand movements, and basic rhythmic patterns.

Flamenco 1
For those with less than 2 years experience, this class reinforces fundamental techniques and progresses to choreographed sequences with an ear toward understanding compás (rhythm) and music.

Flamenco 2
This intermediate level class develops greater coordination, musicality, style and expression. Emphasis is on building expressive movement sequences into a longer choreographed dance.

La Miri's Performance Ensemble students performing at Kosmos Camp (Laurie "La Azucena," Kari "La Picantilla," & La Laura).

Performance Series
Focus is on learning complete dances and developing self-expression and personal style in preparation of performances. By consent of instructor.

Sevillanas Workshop
Learn Spain’s most popular social dance. This crash course presents all 4 verses in an easy to comprehend manner. Last class we move to a local tapas bar for a fiesta & sangría! No partner necessary. Men encouraged!

Introduction to Castanets
Introducing techniques of castanet playing, combined with arm positions and marking patterns. 

Improvisation Workshop
This series focuses on understanding musical structure, and the relationship between dance, singing & palmas of fiesta-style dances. There is lots of practice. Last class with live singer & guitarist followed by a lively fiesta.

Flamenco History and Culture
An introduction to flamenco’s multi-faceted historical, social, and cultural tapestry follows a dance ethnology model.  We explore flamenco’s changing function, form and context from its development to modern times.

Exercise in the spirit of flamenco. Low-impact fiestas! “A passionate aerobic workout to fabulous flamenco music!” (Pacific Sun)

Miriam teaching at Kosmos Camp, Saratoga Springs, CA.

 Kids & Teens

FlamenKitos – Flamenco Dance for kids
Specially designed for kids to learn exercise patterns that develop rhythm, coordination, agility and imagination.

Teen Flamenco
Designed for teens to study foundations that build grace, agility, discipline, listening skills, confidence and self-expression while being exposed to Spain’s rich cultural heritage.