AZAFRÁN Flamenco, formerly established in 1996 as La Miri Flamenco Dance, is the leading flamenco dance school and performance ensemble in Marin County located in San Francisco’s North Bay region. Under the direction of Miriam Phillips “La Miri,” AZAFRAN’s goal is to enrich people’s cultural and artistic lives and empower their spirits through the bold dance and music of Spain’s Flamenco.

Miriam "La Miri" at the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco - Photos: Bonnie Kamin

Miriam Phillips “La Miri”

Miriam Phillips "La Miri" is a teacher, choreographer, performer and researcher with over two decades of experience in flamenco. She studied with the illustrious Gypsy maestro, El Farruco, his daughters La Faraona and La Farruquita, and grandson El Farruquito, an important flamenco family whom she has known for over 18 years. She also trained with masters at the famed Estudio Amor de Dios in Madrid including, Ciro, El Güito and Carmela Greco, as well as with Seville artists, Angelita Vargas, Manuela Carrasco and Yolanda Heredia. 

Ms. Phillips has performed as a dance soloist in Israel, Spain and the United States and danced in television commercials and music videos for U.S., Mexican and Spanish programming. She has been a member in the flamenco companies of Roberto Amaral, Linda Vega and the late Cruz Luna, and has received numerous awards and fellowships for her choreography and research. 

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Classes and Workshops

We offer on-going classes and special workshops in traditional flamenco dance, choreography, and improvisation in the context of flamenco's rich historical and cultural heritage. Miri's teaching approach is student-centered, enabling students to readily access and express flamenco's form and spirit.

AZAFRÁN Flamenco – The Performance Ensemble

AZAFRAN flamenco is a music and dance ensemble made up of a rotating cast of dynamic Bay Area performing artists. Azafrán, derived from Arabic, is the Spanish word for "saffron." As each individual saffron thread mixes together with other ingredients to create warming, colorful and zestful flavors, AZAFRÁN Flamenco extends to audiences a taste of the power, passion and spirit of Spanish flamenco in a warm and inclusive atmosphere.

Additional Services

Dance coaching
Film consultation
Writing for film, theater, television, proposals, books, program notes